Underground operation

Cerro de Pasco

4,500 masl

100% BVN

Yumpag (100% BVN) is a silver project discovered by Buenaventura, located near the Uchucchacua Unit, in the District of Yanahuanca, Province of Daniel Alcides Carrión, Region of Pasco.

Geology: It consists of a series of intermediate-sulfidation veins, running predominantly northeast, tensional to the Cachipampa fault, which controls the mineralization in the Uchucchacua Mine. The most important structure to date is the Camila vein, which presents a bonanza-type silver-bearing mineralization, associated with the presence of silver sulfosalts with some lead-zinc credits and traces of gold. The deposit is very similar to Uchucchacua, and will be integrated into said production unit in the future via a tunnel at level 3850.